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White German Shepherd

White German Shepherd

The White German Shepherd does not have any one particular place of origin. They are found mostly in regions of America, Europe and Canada. They belong to the family of German shepherds. Known for their intelligence and alertness, these dogs usually form a part of the bomb detection squad and are used extensively in police services, community services and tracking work.

This breed was introduced by Sir Von Stepanitz whose goal was to breed a multi purpose dog. The favorable traits of this dog breed were put to use in World War I when white German shepherd dogs were used to track down enemies and smell out explosives. The German shepherd possesses amazing amounts of courage and stamina.

Physical Appearance of White German Shepherd

These dogs possess a thick coat and have a strong muscular body. These dogs shed seasonally and during these times, regular brushing is required. The coat is stiff yet soft. Regular cleaning of the ears is needed as they tend to develop infections in the ears. Their claws grow fast and hence need clipping often. They have medium sized ears which stand upright when they are alert or sense something. The legs are strong and powerful and these dogs take giant strides. White German shepherd has not known to be crossed with any other dog breed even since itís introduction. A healthy White German Shepherd can grow up to a height of twenty seven inches and weigh up to sixty pounds. The average life expectancy of a white German shepherd is twelve years.

Character of White German Shepherd

The white German shepherd is protective as well as possessive about itís family. They are very intelligent and are usually social. They get along well with children and others in the family. Very loyal, they devote their entire lives to serving their masters. White German shepherd dogs are very expressive in nature and make a variety of sounds to show their feelings.

The White German Shepherd as a Pet

Being intelligent, they can grasp commands very well making it easy for the owners to train them. They enjoy games such as Frisbee and ball and love being outdoors. Regular exercises and frequent outdoor games go a long way in keeping these pets happy and healthy.

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