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About the Breed

Leonberger is a breed of dog which derives its name from the Leonberg city of south-west Germany. This breed of dog has been bred from the breeds like Newfoundland, Pyrenean Mountain Dog and Saint Bernard but the breed made its distinct establishment in Germany from 1846 only. Heinrich Essig was the breeder of this dog breed.

Physical Appearance

Distinguished by a black mask and double coat, Leonberger is a strong, muscular and elegant dog with an appropriate rectangular build. The males have bigger head than the females. The black mask extends up to the eyebrows and never the complete head. Matures males have mane on the neck and the chest like the lions which also makes the appearance of the dog very graceful. The dogs of this breed have black nose and lips. The coat colors vary from lion-yellow, golden to re-brown with the black mask.

The medium-sized ears are hanging and there is no dewlap on the neck. The waterproof coat has a reddish-brown color with black tipped hair on the outer coat. A white star on the chest and on the tip of the paws is also a characteristic feature of the Leonberger. Feathers cover the front and the rear lags. The tail is very bushy and is set low. Since Leonbergers are good swimmers, they have webbing between the toes to help in swimming. The feet have black colored pads.

Character of Leonberger

Leonbergers are very sociable and are lively in nature. Being large in size, the dog requires large space to roam around. This breed of dog is very loyal to its families. They do not respond to very harsh training but requires a patient teacher. It is a very intelligent dog and a good friend to children. They even get well with other dogs. When the dog becomes annoyed, it does not show the aggression but simply walks away from that place.

Since the dog requites a lot of space, it is not a recommendation for apartments. The breed prefers cool climate and can stay both indoors as well as outdoors but prefers to be with the master. The breed has excellent watch and draft capabilities. It is multipurpose working breed of dog. Though the dog does not require a lot of exercise, it prefers a walk every day and loves to be out with the family on family outings.

Like many other giant breed of dogs, this breed is also prone to hip dysplasia and skeletal disorders. Bone and eyelid defects are also a common health problem in Leonbergers. The dogs have a life expectancy of about 8-9 years. The ears and teeth of the dog must be kept clean and regular brushing is a must.

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