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Feist is the dog breed, often known as Rat Terrier. These small frisky dogs are endowed with qualities to hunt and possess a lively nature. With an average life span of 15-18 years, these dogs are covered with short and smooth coats. The owners of this dog are happy to find these wonderful pets in their homes.

About Feist

The breed of Feist dogs originated in southern states of America. These dogs are considered to have Terries from England as their ancestors. Available in different colors, these dogs are known to possess fewer health issues. They are renowned for catching and killing preys like squirrels and rats. The most prominent features of these dogs include compact but strong bodies, powerful shoulders, and beautiful tails amongst others.

Physical Appearance

Here are the most important points, describing the physical appearance of these dogs:
  • Height: Standard height of these dogs may vary between 14-23 inches, while some dogs may attain height between 8-14 inches.
  • Weight: In general, the weight of these dogs may vary between 12 and 35 pounds.
  • Colors: Red and white, solid red, blue and white and tri colors are some of the combinations appearing on these dogs. You may also find black & tan and red brindle as other color combinations.
  • These dogs are small, with strong legs and smooth coats. The tails may be short or big.
Feist As A Pet

Feist is an intelligent dog, which can easily adapt to training provided to it. This dog loves to get involved in playful activities. If you have children and elders at home, this Feist dog is definitely a good choice as a pet. Apart from being a hunter, this dog is also a competent watchdog and a lovable pet.

Character Of Feist

Feist dogs require adequate amount of exercising on routine basis, else it may turn dull and reduce its energy. These respond to playful activities well and are vocal participants in such activities. As mentioned earlier, there are no big health issues connected to these dogs. You will be amazed to see their energy level while hunting their preys.

Specific Traits Of Feist

Feist dogs require adequate space to fulfill their playful nature. Also, these dogs are easy to groom, but require sufficiently high exercising sessions.
All members of the family can well connect with these dogs, due to vibrant nature possessed by these pets. So, you may entertain your need for a pet dog with wonderful Feist dogs.

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