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Brat is one of the relatively new dogs on the scene. This is a designer dog, which is relatively still unknown to a large number of people.

About the Breed of Brat

Brat is one of the cutest, designer dogs available around nowadays. Brat is an interesting mix of two distinct breed of dogs i.e. Boston and Rat terrier.

Physical Appearance of Brat Dogs

The brat is quite a small dog in size. Their weight generally ranges from 12 to 20 pounds. They are blessed with short, coarse hair which needs to be brushed daily. Since they are hybrid dogs, brats can come in a number of colors. Some people might prefer their brat dogs to look more like Boston terrier with white on black or fawn in color like the Rat terrier.

Brat as a Pet

Although brat dogs are produced only for pet purposes, it is important to note that they need to be socially groomed from a very early age. This should be done in order to ensure their friendly attitude towards everyone.

There are several dogs that are extremely loyal to their masters but quite aggressive towards strangers; unlike such breeds, brat dogs are consciously trained to be submissive, polite and friendly towards everyone.

Characteristics / Behavior of Brat

As compared to the original Boston and Rat terrier dogs, they are believed to be less aggressive and more family oriented. Brat dogs are eager to please their masters and they specially love to learn new tricks from their owners. Since brat is a mixed breed, they combine the characteristics of both the Boston and Rat terrier, thus comprising of an array of talents.

Although brats are quite impressive and well suited to stay in urban dwellings, yet they need to be taken out on frequent walks and outdoor activities. They need their dose of socialization and physical activity in order to stay happy and healthy.

Specific Traits of the Breed of Brat

Brat dogs are created in such a manner that they should be possessing minimum health risks. However, while choosing a particular dog, one should check out the brat pup which they intend to take up for possible allergies, breathing problems and skin tumors. Brat pups have an increased risk of breathing problems, owing to their Boston terrier roots. Boston terriers are known to face breathing problems because of their short faces.

Although it is assured that most of the hybrid Brat pups will not have these medical indications, it is better to observe precaution.
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